Herding Cats

The Placebo Effect

As I look around and I wonder, What it is I've done, So twisted, scorched, blackened by the sun, So blackened by the sun

I won't carry you

And I hope that you can forgive me, Hope that I can learn my place, Twisted souless inner space, Tortured just for fun

I won't carry you, I won't bury you, no matter that you think I've done, I cannot forgive you, 'cause we are done

You've put a gun to, put a gun to, put a gun to, you've put a gun to my head, I'm feeling helpless, I watch you listless, How can you trespass, you've put a foot on our grave, It's what it's come to, it's what it's cometo, it's what it's come to and now it's come to this, This is the impass, and now you trespass, You push the barrel, push the barrel to my face

Pushing harder, ever harder, The limit has been and gone, Once single, now multiple, Pushing backward, ground for ground, Push me to the edge I, I cannot jump, Push me to the edge I...

Twisted and Gifted

Like forget like as you step to the back, Hanging by thread as you're cutting the slack, Where would you go, where no one would know, What you did to cover your tracks

Living it high it get's the best of me, Good as cold, life is sold, nothing free, Parties and fetes, life is one big festival, Turn around, jumping at sound, and it's gone

Listed and gifted, run for the prize, Looking for truth, hidden behind eyes, Words on the lips, lies and half slip, Ducking and dodging, raining from skies

Hisses and kisses, flying through air, So thick with words, but not a care, Cash in the hand, bowing and planned<, Taking what's given, grabbing what's not there


Too demanding, on me, Too many pressures, too much to feel, Your caresses, are lost, Lost sensation, at what cost?, How about you get down, on your knees, Hands clasped before, you plead, Words are sincere, if I could think, Hands won't pull me back, from the brink

Instead of looking down, why don't you save me?, Can't you reach down here and save me?, I beg I plead for you to hear me

How can I let myself, get in this state, I've had too little, and now too late, Long hill to climb, head down and on, Long road to walk, head down and on, I could see clearly, once my head clears, Shake to breaking, allaying fears

Listen to the voices that are shouting in your head, Clamour gives no choices and you cannot hear what's said, Walls are pushing inward and you're struggling to breath, Need to find somewhere to get off the street

Instead of looking down, why don't you save me?, Can't you reach down here and save me?, I beg I plead for you to hear me, I'll kneel, I reach for you grab me

Hope to Give

And you give, one more time, And you hope, to be recognised, And so you pray, that we might notice, And might say, and give you justice, So you pick up again tomorrow, you pick up your time

This one goes out to the one who believes, This one goes out to those who have faith in what they see, The ones hoping for hope of salvation, The ones you'd say are blessed

And so you fall, when only standing, And you hope, for gentle landing, Open arms to catch you, open arms to hold, Wanting rose not thorn, wanting warmth not cold, So you pick up again tomorrow, you pick up your time

And where there's hope, there will be spirit, And where there's love, there's more joy in it, We've only got on life, so let us live it, And keep good friends with which to share it, So you pick up again tomorrow, you pick up your time

Clarity in 20-20

Bring out your dead, They're no good for the gallows, There's nothing left, No need to be so shallow, Bring out your dead, Why do I need to ask, There's nothing left, No need to be so harsh, I'm left out in the cold, I am what I am not, I know what I've got, stop when I'm old, There's no going on, I see nothing wrong, all that there is, ideas unsold

I'm listening with the sound turned down, Watching you with the lights turned out, I don't even know your name, as if it matters all the same, Let go of fear and realease your grip, Just breath easy, let your fingers slip, Now admit that you've lost your way, I can forgive you for today

Don't try to explain, It doesn't even matter, We neither are wrong, This truce could shatter, I look around me, there's so many wonders, not just one thing is looking over, It takes self belief, not masses and hundreds, suppression is king, a one way offer

Just let go, and let yourself drop, No safety net, it's better yet, Fall into light, nothing will stop, Let go of sin, forgive within, Look around you, open your eyes, Put your hands, spread your fingers wide, It's beautiful, and so deadly strong, And best of there all there is not point

There is no point, There is no point, There is no point!

Damp Sponge

To regret, looking back it's not your thing, So why d'you keep on doing it?, Decision made, no need think you now move on, Time to stop re-living it, Can you give to it your all?, Can you learn from when you fall?, Are you afraid of losing face?, You know this is no time or place

Just say yes, what you got to lose, it's not your pride, A smile is better than nothing, Why say no, don't live in regret, let it go, The more you live, the less unknown, Giving in to something new, Giving in to all that's new, Give it all up just for you

Too safe right here, my comfort zone is far too wide, How do I know where the edge it?, The offer comes, you cannot know it, but it's there, Don't shake your head, stop being precious, Got no stories you can tell?, Never been to heaven or hell?, How ca you know you've lost out?, If you don't bother to find out

Too much to do, too much to see, How will you know if you can't agree?, Let go of what little you have, Regret is no ones epitaph, Giving in to something new, Give it all up just for you

In the Garage, On the Floor, Off the Wall

10ft Away

The water's cold, the pool is deep, it sparkles in the sun, Around the edge, on the grass, lying on the towels, We're all here, for the day, to enjoy the sun, But the sign, ten feet away, has to say it all

No pissing in the pool, it is not nice, For the people around you, No petting, it gives the guys the wrong idea, And the old folks think it's crude

So where's the fun, have a drink, get pissed for midday, Sing bad songs, nice and load, til the neightbours complain, And when the sun, sets at dusk, and it too dark to see, Run around, in the buff, til we fall off out feet


If you've lost then let it go, Too many words for you to work out, too many things to drag you down, If you've lost then let it go

There's always a name (you tell yourself), There's always a name (for you get your tongue around), There's always a name (you tell yourself), But you can't get your tongue around

If you've lost then let it go, Too many words for you to work out, too many things to drag you down, If you've lost then let it go

What if I had the strength, to get over this and stare you down, Maybe then I would have the guts not to take you back again, We're burning the bridges now to shed some light on this darkened sky, No man is an island, well fuck you, I want to be an island

Tell Me

Let your mind run away, you've forgotten what to say, You are lost in the moment, your presence just a token, Mind empty clear thought, just something going over, And all you want to say is

Tell me I can can fly, Tell me I'm alive, Sing the song so loud, ring it o clear, let the people hear, Tell me I can fly, ell me I'm alive, tell me I can fly

Sitting on your shoulder, whisper in your ear, Words sound so soothing, just what you need to hear, Don't feel like being taken, for a fool for a ride, And all you want to say is


She's so fine, but she's not mine, I met this girl, seventeen, she's the greatest that I've ever seen, I want to be the one to take her hand, I want to be the one to take her home

She caught me with a glance and a wink of her eye, She called me over to her and I felt so fine, Could this be the moment, it feels so right

She's so fine, but she's not mine, When she asks to see me, my heart skips a beat, She touches my hand and I fall to me my knees, When I am with her, I'm as high as a kite, She can make the darkest day seem bright

In the Kitchen, On the Table, In the Sink

Falling Out of Planes

I'm lifting up, I'm on my way, Don't know when to quit or when to stay, I'm losing out, I've lost my say, Can't kneel down, begin to pray, Breathing in but, I'm not staying calm, My heart is hurt, it's in alarm, Holding on, blood is gone, My shaking hands are gripping arms

I'm lifting up, I feel so high, But I've been left out to dry, No looking down, no keeping sane, My trap, I'm falling out planes

Reaching out, I need to shout, You listen, you hold me, you sooth my doubt, Out of control, oh god please don't fall, I need the sun, keep me out of cloud, The sky is black, the clouds start to roll, Can I trust the one who's in control, Trapped inside, too scared to die<, Why am I falling out of planes?

Bed Spread

Somebody better have my back, 'cause I've got yours, And as a matter of fact, I don't think you've been watching me, Somebody better have my back, 'cause they are selling me yours, And as a matter of fact, I don't think you've been watching me, Watching me

For you there's got to be another way, I think there's a light gone out over you, If you could put down and take a minute girl, I think you'd realise yo're selling yourself short

And water flowing down you back, and gently over my hands, And up against the towel rack, if only you could stand, An if you could take a step back, and now picture you health, I think you would choke on the fact, that you are doing this to yourself, Doing this to your self

Olive skin, laid back on the bed spread, And I would wait for you all day


Many things come to me, In light less interesting, I close my eyes and away, Visions told to me in a dream

A world away from everything, And still I am not safe, How could something so unreal, Have such a strong effect

I've lived so many times, Half as myself, Half I forget to recall, Half I rorget that I am not more

Such a bearing from so small, A second is all I need, To make me feel so wrong, Or tell me that who I am is dead

Rip It Up

Stop now, she said, I want to change you, Don't look much like the man I wanted, when I was younger, Hold up she said, you're just not fitting in, Don't have the drive of the man I wanted, when I was younger

And she said, take me down to that little place where you're from, I want to see exactly where you went wrong, I want you to rip it up and start again, Start again

Stop now, she said, my head is spinning out, I can't see you dining out with my father, and it's not your world, Hold up, she said, your dreams are laughable<, They don't sit in line with the rules of my father, it's over your time

Now someone's taking you from your zone

When I was younger

I Will Be There

There is something in the back of your mind, somthing has gone wrong, Can't put your finger on it, but you're not too sure, But it's been this way too long, As you turn around, you can hear no sound, but the falling of cold feet, Your mind's afflicted, no signs to read, that you are now lost

As the world has got you down, and it's tipping of your crown, I will be there, Problems falling at your feet, promises you cannot keep, I will be there

As you trip, a hand to catch you, hold you as you fall, You're protected, does it reassure you, it won't let you drop


When you go, half of nothing, Is what I am left here with, holding my hands behind my head, bowed to the earth, In your eyes, I see your heart is breaking, But you cannot tell me that, right for fact, turning your back, you had to leave

Maybe someday, we all can see, what might have been, In dreams of the heart, fears run away, replaced by calm, I write a new page, in my book, a page in the life, I'm telling more tales, in sweet memory

I yearn, to say goodbye, But it happened so fast, cutting so deep, blood running free, empty space, There's a place, somewhere away, Where the light from the stars, glitters in heart, a million bright sparks, shining down

I was struck down, left gagged and bound, I was helpless to it all, I was seeing red, for all unsaid, silence louder than my words, Sentiment drowned, rased to the ground, left upward looking down, Looking down, on me

Keeping Down

Stuck, there's nothing here to do, nothing to see through, Not playing on my mind, Day dreaming is allowed, no company no crowd, Not so hard to find

Lying low in the sky, still so far to climb, Chasing off the cloud, Chill escaping fast, cold that could not last, Chorus not too loud

Drifting in and out of nowhere, I'm keeping my head down, Looking out to nothing, My mind is going elsewhere, finding it's own way, Looking out to nothing

Sleepy dreamy daze, beautiful wonderful haze, Put it off 'til noon, Chill escaping fast, cold that could not last, Chorus not too loud

Liking it, I'm loving it, Take a breath, I'm holding it, Sinking deeper, deeper all the time, Lying down, I'm loving it, Missing what, ignoring it, Sinking deeper, join me in your time


Yeah, I lost a lot of love slowly

Sometimes, when the little white lines come, I think you're following me, But just then, when you're taking my zen, It's the cold shoulder again, And maybe, you're knocking my teeth out, I think you should learn to swallow

Stop all your breathing out, You're steaming up my windows, Too many large glasses, Your breath is warm and loud, It's called making up your mind, And I think you should learn to swallow

A wine glass, but it's not wine

Not a Part

Sitting in the back row, the view's too small, Looking down on the stage, so far to fall, I am not a part of, what's going on, make me a part of, what's going on

My hand is reaching out, to touch you, My fingers are straight, to get to you, I am not a part of, what's going on, Make me a part of, what's going on

And I'm here, and I'm here, with you, I'm so close, that I'm in, your glow, Are you aware that I'm standing here, With you

Don't make me go back, to shadow, I don't want to go back, to shadow, I am not a part of , what's going on, Make me a part of, what's going on

On The Tiles

I had your mother, in the kitchen, On the table, in the sink, We thrashed around so hard we knocked the roast on the floor, Gravy on the tiles

Had your mother in the hallway, On the table by the stairs, We knocked the phone onto the floor, Dialling tone and your mother moans

I had your mother, in the bathroom, In the bath, the shower too, We thrashed around so hard we pulled the curtain off the rail, Water on the tiles

Under The Sun

And there you stand with an easel, Brush in your hand, You want to get some freedom, To clear your air, But you do not know if it's the only chance that you're going to get

You want to change your medium, Get it back to black and white, 'Cause you've got reservations, About the colour in life, But you do not know if it's the only chance that you're going to get

Everything you want, everything you get, And I'm left outside with my mother fucking regret, Under the sun, under the sun, Babies little princess gets everything under the sun

Easily Distracted


Summer's gone and I feel alone forever, I think I'm gonna never reach the end, Choked in the fear of loneliness, Provoked in the loneliness of fear

I cut loose a long long time ago, No noose to stop what I want to do, I broke through the need of my desire, To abscond to Elysium away from the wrath of fire

When all the trees have gone and all the rivers dry, Don't despair when all the flowers have died, The future's cold, with no end or beginning, A sign of times to forgive


Just to be in your arms, Trapped away fear so calm, There's a new dawm in you, See your smile pull me through

Can you not hear me, it's just like you said, I feel like I am floating over my head, There's a shining, a light in your smile, It would send me chasing mile after mile, Can't you see it's nothing, You see it's nothing, if it's not inside, I can't feel you slipping, Can't feel you slipping, out of the light

And I'm listening to you, Your words I wish were true, And I'm hanging to your voice, It's as if I had a choice

Jimmy's Mullet

I couldn't turn my back, face it down, But it got hold of me, turned me around, I've been set on my way, away from here, Sensing a retreat, away from fear

Collapsed under the strain, I buckled at the knee, Trodden down in the rain, in front of all to see, I put with the shame, I turned and had to flee

Escape is all, I could do, And I suggest the saem, to all of you, I hope something good, comes of this, The quiet fold, into bliss

Are You Ready for Me

When you least expect it, I will not be there, I won't go before I'm done, for you I do not care, I know that you've waited, for too long a time, If you're very patient, I'll give you what is mine, And the question that I must ask, Before I hand you the key, What I want to know right now, Are you ready, ready for me

Things I do on my terms, to me you do not exist, Looking back it's simple, this time I will persist, Messing around, fooling you round, just like some rakish whore, I kick you round for one more turn, but cash is I want more

Even in time, what's yours is surely mine, You give me the cash, and still I provide your stash, You think I provide, but I give you cyanide, No power your have now, inside my big cash cow


I've noticed that you're hurting, why is it so, If I could take the pain away, I would you know, And I can't reach out and touch you in your heart, And I can't reach out and I don't know how to make it start

Take away the bullets pain, open your heart again, It isn't me, it isn't you, it isn't right, it isn't true, Just let fade away

A come back to play again

Can you not hear me, not at all, can I not speak, I cannot seem to get to you, I feel so weak, And I can't reach and touch you in your heart, And I can't rech out and I don't know how to make it start

You feel so bad, let's make it good, Why are you sad, cheer up I should, You feel so bad, let's make it good, Let's make you glad, like friends we should

Say Something

There's no doubt in my mind, it's the way you stare, It's like you're working out the thoughts in my head, I've been pulled apart, one piece at a time, You've seen beneath my bluff, into my heart

When you are looking down on me, what is it you see, There's not expression on your face, what's it supposed to mean, Throughts are running through my head, chasing reason away, Can't see what it is I've done, why can't you stay

I've put my foot wrong, just once it's all it took, And then you pounced on me, bring me down, take me down

Now I'm feeling bad, please take me back, It's a lesson learned, I will crack, I'll crack, The problem is it's me, that I, that I'm scared, You're not so close that's it, take me back, take me back

Won't you please say something, Don't leave me with nothing, Just stop me from running

Putting Off Work


When you walk into the room, I see you've got a halo, You're like an angel to me, it gets dark when you go, Angel talk to me, let's go somewhere quiet, Then maybe we can speak, before I die of fright

Standing next to you, I just want to feel free, Standing looking at you, Please make me feel clean

Call me naive, lead me on, Give me a belief, but don't give me your god

The Vegetable Song

Well I told the doctor, I've got a problem, He didn't believe me, That things they'd gone wrong, got bored on night, The doctor, he raised an eyebrow, What would you say, What would you say, what would she say, what would me mates say, this

And I don't know where I'm going, or where I have been, And I know I'll never tell, It is not a deceit, but I cannot remember, And I hope you care as well

Well I told the doctor, how it got there, What would he do, He gave me an x-ray, reached for the forceps, I'm regretting it now, What would you say, What would you say, what would she say, what would me mates say, this

I pushed things too far, you can't take things back, >Oh god, help me, Things they've gone wrong, how it got there, I'll never explain, What would you say, What would you say, what would she say, what would me mates say, this


Gerald lives, on his own, the paint on his walls is forty years old, I'm not going, anywhere he said, You better believe it, the man is ninety four

I feel fine, let it be said that I don't cry, I am me, human in every way I see, I got my chair, gin tea and my old clay pipe, Papaer every day, golden leaf is on it's way

On his zimmer, trolley round the shops, This ladies man, won't stop until he drops, All the ladies, love his wicked ways, Patting knees, just like the old days

Live at the Safer Sex Ball

Ode to a Bitch

I thought the time was right, but there was just one hitch, You're just all the rest, a fucking heartless bitch, You fucked with my feelings, played around with my heart, You made me feel stupid, and you wasted my time

You treated me like crap, I did not deserve that, You lead me round, you blew me out, you made feel such a twat, I just don't have a clue, what I ever saw in you, You're a slag, a slut, a tart, a bitch without a heart

I just don't give a shit, that our friendship has gone, You gave me inspiration, to write this fucking song